What if your favorite dungeon crawler allowed you to carry only one item  at a time?

With TLO Jerry: Small Hands we explore what a world without backpacks would look like.

Need the item you were using before? You'd better walk back and pick it up.
Enemies are attacking you but you're carrying a key? Run for your life.

Winner of 13 prizes as "Best Memory Game 1864"


  • Generic Enemy
  • Angry Generic Enemy
  • Generic Boss (Generic Enemy)
  • Bombs
  • Swords
  • Keys that open doors
  • Doors that can be opened by keys
  • Wrong tiles
  • Unforgettable moments of happiness

Don't trust us? Trust the celebs!

"Where the hell is my sword?" - Keanu Reeves
"Do I really have to go back to get it?" - Nelson Mandela

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